Prototype 2021 tyres to be tested at Silverstone

Finley Crebolder

Each team will be required to test prototype 2021 tyres during FP2 at the latter of the two upcoming races at Silverstone.

Most years, Pirelli is able to test tyres in dedicated testing days that will take place during the season. However, no such programmes are going ahead in 2020. Therefore, they will be doing such tests in the first half an hour of FP2 at both Silverstone and Barcelona.

The FIA has introduced regulations that require all teams to fit both drivers with prototypes provided by Pirelli for that time period.

“We’ve sent to the teams the information that we intend to use the option of having the first 30 minutes of FP2 available for tyre development testing during the second race in Silverstone and during the race in Barcelona,” Pirelli F1 boss Mario Isola told

“The idea is to test different solutions with improved integrity, which means these tyres can work at a lower pressure, and a few other solutions, with a target to reduce overheating.

“These prototypes are for 2021, and if we collect enough information the target is to freeze the construction and compounds for 2021 with these two validations.”

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Pirelli produced the same tyres this year as they did in 2019, and they plan to do so again in 2021. The purpose of such tests is, therefore, to make small changes to ensure the compounds can handle increased downforce from the cars next season.

“It is not a new tyre, it is not a complete new construction,” Isola added.

“It is impossible for us to have proper development during the season, it is not in our plans, but obviously we would like to test a few ideas to improve the integrity considering that the teams are going to develop their cars and add downforce to the cars for next year.

“The technical regulations will be modified to reduce downforce at the beginning of the season, but it is possible that we have at the end of 2021 an increased level of downforce, and therefore we would like to test these prototypes.”

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