Silverstone never considered alternate layout

Finley Crebolder
Silverstone: Negotiations to remain private

Silverstone: Negotiations to remain private

Using an alternate layout for one of the races at Silverstone this season was never “seriously” considered, says track boss Stuart Pringle.

With the British track circuit playing host to two consecutive races this season, there was talk that a reverse of the usual circuit could be used for the second.

Such talk only grew shortly before the start of the season when Pringle indicated it was an idea he was open to.

“It’s not such a silly thought,” he said.

“We’re not licensed to run the other way, but these are extraordinary times, and I guess that extraordinary decisions are being made.”

Ultimately though, nothing came of it, and both races will take place on the usual layout. He now admits that he should’ve shut the idea down quicker and that it was never seriously considered by the race organisers.

“Well it wasn’t [really a serious idea] because Silverstone is about the Grand Prix circuit – you can’t go the other way around,” he told

“That was just me mischievously not shutting down a journalist quickly enough, but that was great because that ran for three or four weeks and kept our name out there!

“We are a ‘handed’ circuit, we cannot go the other way round.”

As well as using the usual track layout in reverse, another suggestion was to use a different layout altogether. However, none of them would have made for particularly interesting racing in Pringle’s opinion.

“Actually, if we raced on the International [layout], then you just get half the good corners, twice as often. You haven’t suddenly got a new, different configuration.

“Whatever we’d do is a slice, a pairing down, and they weren’t going to go racing around the National [layout] – they’d end up very dizzy. So, it was never taken seriously.”

Two races are taking place at the Northamptonshire track this season, but it could’ve been even more. Pringle also recently revealed to Autosport that they were willing to host up to 12 races in 2020.

“If they could get a championship away from one location – at one stage it looked like nothing could happen and the answer was ‘ship in the Italian teams and Swiss team and the Pirelli guys, and park them at Silverstone for a couple of months and run 12 races around Silverstone and make television if that’s what you need?’.”

Considering they’re not willing to change up the layout, we’re quite happy that didn’t happen…

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