Sir Jackie Stewart hilariously responds to Miami GP grid security manhandling

Henry Valantine
Sir Jackie Stewart on the grid. Miami May 2023.

Three-time World Champion, Sir Jackie Stewart, walks the grid. Miami May 2023.

Sir Jackie Stewart tried to lend Martin Brundle a helping hand on his grid walk in Miami, but security guards were not so keen on the three-time World Champion moving around freely on Sunday.

Brundle was taking in his traditional pre-race walk of the grid as he looked to navigate his way through a star-studded pre-race schedule in Miami, with tennis legend Roger Federer spotted at the front of the grid as Brundle looked to interview him.

As it happened, the former F1 driver bumped into Stewart, and quickly asked him, as a multiple World Champion, “can you get in there, Jackie?” – with Federer taking photos with guests in a cordoned-off area of the grid.

Without regard for the barriers in place, Stewart went straight underneath and looked for a way to beckon the Swiss sporting hero across to the Sky Sports pundit, with Brundle shouting ‘Roger!’ repeatedly in the background to try and grab his attention. recommends

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Miami circuit security did not take as kindly to Stewart’s act though, with three different staff members getting in the 83-year-old’s way and trying to block his path and Brundle saying: “Jackie, don’t get yourself in trouble for me, for goodness sake,” after quipping to the security team: “You can’t beat up Sir Jackie Stewart!”

But even with Stewart breaking ranks, it did the trick – with Federer joining Brundle for the final few seconds of his grid walk on Sunday.

After the race, the three-time World Champion took to social media to address the moment which got plenty of fans talking.

He wrote on Instagram: “The security did a good job bringing me back behind the ropes…I haven’t had to sneak past security in a while, but anything for you @martinbrundlef1‼️”

As Brundle himself might say: He can do that, because he just did.