Sirotkin not giving up on the F1 dream

Sergey Sirotkin not giving up on the F1 dream

Sergey Sirotkin not giving up on the F1 dream

Sergey Sirotkin’s long-term goal is to return to Formula 1 after being dropped by Williams after just one season of racing.

Sirotkin had a difficult time in 2018, his rookie campaign in Formula 1, but then again so too did Williams.

The Russian driver managed just one point to add to the six scored by his team-mate Lance Stroll.

Williams finished bottom of the standings and promptly dropped Sirotkin from their line up.

He has already secured a part-time World Endurance Championship ride with SMP Racing but admits the goal is to return to F1.

“The main target which is probably more of a long-term target now is obviously to come back to the F1 grid,” he told

“It’s still too early to say how easy or how possible that is to achieve but that’s the medium-to-long term target.

“Here for now all I know is I will have to do a few races in WEC in LMP1 with the SMP team, probably one which is next month already in the USA so I will have something to drive.

“Then depending on other opportunities and other possible races this probably can be shorter or wider or more diverse.

“I’m still in quite early points of discussions so it’s not like I know right here right now what I’m doing.”

Formula E could also be an option for the ousted Formula 1 driver.

Sirotkin is scheduled to tests for Mahindra, who have signed former Sauber driver Pascal Wehrlein, at the Marrakech this week.

“Just before the new year I got a sudden phone call from the team to take part, which was one of the interesting directions for me after F1 so I was happy to take it.

“To be honest it’s my first day here where I’ve met the team and the people so I’m kind of trying to relate what exactly what the goals of the test are and what the team wants me to do.

“For the next few days it’s Formula E, which again will be interesting to see what it is because long-term it’s something interesting.”

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