Sirotkin: Williams split ‘very tough’ to take

Sergey Sirotkin: Still tough to take

Sergey Sirotkin: Still tough to take

Sergey Sirotkin has said he is still finding it “very tough” to process that he will not be continuing is Formula 1 career next season.

The Russian has found himself without a seat in 2019 after negotiations broke down between his financial backers, SMP Racing, and Williams.

The Grove-based team instead announced Robert Kubica as his replacement at the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

A few weeks on from the announcement, Sirotkin is still having trouble coming to terms with what has happened.

“It’s tough,” Sirotkin told

“Honestly, it’s very tough. I really feel like I had a few things I learned and could do better. But I don’t have the chance to.

“It probably sounds too optimistic or too great, but from the inside I see many more things than any other can see.

“I have all these reasons to think so [that 2019 would be better].

“I dedicated so much energy to earn the results, I put so much work in.

“[But] the spirit you’re taking, proceeding with this, you put in more than just work and energy.

“You put your heart in it, your thoughts are with the team. In this case it’s just such a sad thing.

“It took so much as a human, and I won’t see the result.”

Sirotkin, though, is determined to ensure that this is not the absolute end of his Formula 1 career and wants to continue with what he feels is unfinished business.

“I’m just not ready to take it right now to be honest,” Sirotkin added.

“I dedicated so much energy and effort, I just could not and still cannot believe that it’s been a bit for nothing and I won’t be able to get anything from it for next year.

“I will turn it into a positive. This year will always be in my memory, even if it’s been very tough. It made me much stronger as a driver and as a personality.

“I really believe that at certain points I will have more opportunities. Believe me, I will be more than ready. I have something to finish here.

“I will dedicate all myself to get even stronger, be back here and prove myself.”

Sirotkin could switch his attention for the time being to DTM racing after being announced by Audi as one of seven drivers to take part in a test next week.

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