Six days to test 2022 cars, season to open in Bahrain

Michelle Foster
F1 2022 car drivers

F1 2022 car drivers

The Formula 1 teams will have just six days to get their all-new 2022 cars race-ready, that’s according to a report on Auto Motor und Sport.

This season Formula 1’s pre-season was slashed to three days but wasn’t wasn’t a huge problem given that this year’s cars were continuations of last season’s, but with a few minor tweaks.

Next year, though, it is all-new cars.

Formula 1 is moving to a different design philosophy, embracing ground-effect aerodynamics in the hope that it will lead to closer racing.

According to Auto Motor und Sport, the teams will have just six days, split over two three-day tests, to get their cars ready for the opening grand prix of the 2022 championship.

Revealing that there has a ‘lot of discussion’ about which venue should play host to the very first outing in the new cars, the German publication says F1 bosses have decided that on ‘two test weeks in 2022 that will be completed on different tracks.

‘The first will start from February 23 to 25 with three days in Barcelona. After a break of more than two weeks, during which the teams in the factories can eradicate the first teething problems, the second round of winter tests will start in Bahrain from March 11th to 13th’.

Having a test in Bahrain will also be a huge help to Pirelli.

‘The desert circuit in Sakhir has the advantage that Pirelli can collect representative data on the new 18-inch tyres in warm conditions,’ AMuS added.

‘With cool February temperatures in Barcelona, ??this has not always been the case in recent years. According to the regulations, the tyre supplier is entitled to one of the six test days for test laps on an artificially watered track.’

F1 2022 car

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Bahrain will also play host to the opening round of the new season after the organisers of the Australian Grand Prix conceded that an April date would suit them better having once again been forced to cancel their grand prix due to the pandemic.

The 2022 season would begin on March 20 in Bahrain, although this would mean the rules would have to tweaked as F1’s current regulations require a 10-day period between the final pre-season test and the first grand prix.

Round two has also been decided with the circus heading to Saudi Arabia on March 27.