F1 fans tell Sky pundits ‘You Need To Calm Down’ with Alonso and Swift references

Michelle Foster
Split-screen of Fernando Alonso and Taylor Swift.

Split-screen of Fernando Alonso and Taylor Swift.

Grabbing onto the Fernando Alonso is dating Taylor Swift rumour, Sky Sports pundits had fun with references to her songs during the Azerbaijan Grand Prix weekend.

A rumour that Alonso is dating singer Swift took off earlier this month after both split up with their respective long-term partners.

Questioned about it, the F1 driver told Marca: “I usually keep my personal and professional life apart. I prefer not to comment on it.”

However, he then had a bit of fun with fans when he posted a tongue-in-cheek response to the rumour on social media with Swift’s song ‘Karma’ playing in the background while his scrolled through his phone with a wink.

Sky Sports decided they too would jump on it with a reference or “22” to Swift whenever Alonso was on the track.

A video of that has been uploaded onto TikTok by f1lawra.

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David Croft declared it was a “Swift” drive from Alonso, later saying the Spaniard was driving like he was driving a “Getaway Car” but that it might cause some “Bad Blood”.

Looking for a “Blank Space” with a “Style” and “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” and a “Mastermind” also in the mix, Karun Chandhok jumped on the bandwagon with a “Don’t Blame Me” it’s a car issue.

As the barrel got ever closer to the bottom, “22” got a mention as not being Alonso’s favourite number while a few more “Swifts” and “Blank Spaces” were also forthcoming.

The Sky commentary was met with mixed reactions from fans with some surprised by Croft’s Swift knowledge, “what’s even more shocking is Crofty’s extensive knowledge of Tay Tay songs and reference”, while others wanted to know if the pundit had “a bet or did he lose a forfeit or something?”

With a mix of loving it and too much, all we can say is it’s time to “Shake It Off”… Oh no, “Look What You Made Me Do!”