SportPesa Racing Point plot 2021 new factory move

Jamie Woodhouse
SportPesa Racing Point hope to move into new factory during 2021 summer break.

SportPesa Racing Point hope to move into new factory during 2021 summer break.

SportPesa Racing Point principal Otmar Szafnauer says the team intend to move into their new factory during the 2021 summer break.

The team still use the same factory at Silverstone which served Force India, Spyker, Midland and Jordan before them, but Szafnauer confirmed in the team’s press conference on Friday at Spa-Francorchamps that building work on a few factory would begin in around six months time, with the summer break of 2021 penciled in as a move in date.

“There’s a new factory coming; we should get planning permission for that in October, probably start, have ground-breaking in the first quarter of next year,” he confirmed.

“The plan is to actually move into the new factory in the break of 2021. So, although that won’t come to fruition for another 18 months, or so, those plans are happening today.”

The employee numbers at SportPesa Racing Point are also on the up.

“We’ve added about 40 employees: we were at 405 a year ago; we’re at 445.” said Szafnauer.

“And if there are good people on the market, we’re interested for good people. We’re adding, we’re growing and we want to be more competitive. So, those are our plans going forwards – but it takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight.”

All these upgrades have been made possible by the RP consortium who purchased the bankrupt Force India team last August, before rebranding them as Racing Point.

Szafnauer claims that the new funds are now allowing the team to hit new heights across their operations with the financial instability now gone.

“There are many things that are different,” he explained.

“The one significant thing is that we don’t suffer with the financial instability that we used to have, at all. That means we can plan our developments on the car, we can plan when we bring upgrades and they actually happen. We can plan our salary payments, which is helpful for everybody in the team.”

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