Steepest ever banked F1 corner and other ‘surprises’ promised by Madrid circuit designer

Sam Cooper
Oscar Piastri at Turn 3 in Zandvoort.

Turn 3 in Zandvoort is the current steepest corner on the F1 calendar.

Madrid wants to introduce the steepest corner in F1 as it looks to bring a unique style to Formula ‘s newest circuit

After weeks of speculation, Madrid was finally officially added to the F1 calendar this week and will be announced for the first time in 2026.

But organising the event has already been ongoing for some time and the designer has said he wants to create the steepest banked corner on the F1 schedule.

Madrid to feature record curves in attempt to be unique

The current holder of that title is Zandvoort with Turn 3 registering at 19 degrees but Madrid wants a corner measuring 30 degrees, more than even the old Monza layout.

Designer Jarno Zafelli suggested that baking will be the star of the circuit and although official construction begins in a few month’s time, he believes the banked sections will be easier to do.

“[They] will be easier than retouching the current one, removing centres, crossing roundabouts, grading streets and resurfacing and other touch-ups,” he told Marca.

“We do not want to repeat elements of other circuits, Madrid will have its own personality and the elements and areas it needs.

“We haven’t copied anyone and it should be ready by June 2026.”

While billed as the Madrid GP, the race will take place out of the city centre which Zafelli, who is designing his final course, belvies is an advantage. recommends

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“The fact of not being limited like in a city allowed us to seek the limits,” he said. “How much will depend on the following phases, on F1, the FIA ​​and everything that is discussed during the final design.

“Improvements or cuts? No, no, no. In terms of length, I don’t think so. As for the layout, there will be small changes in Valdebebas, because that area is the one that is not developed at the moment. And yes, we expect some surprise… Well, there may be two or three surprises that we haven’t been able to show yet.

“When you leave the first tunnel, wide and correct, you face a very short route but it goes up very steep, 10 metres, and therefore there will be a compression and also the entrance will be blind to the new area, which will see an inclined descent of 10 or 15 metres and for 500-700 metres to attack that bank. The layout will be almost permanent.”

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