Stefano Domenicali reveals what ‘priority number one’ in F1 is

Sam Cooper
Brad Pitt and Damson Idris on the start line. Silverstone July 2023.

Brad Pitt and 'Apex' co-star Damson Idris stand on the start line with the real-life F1 drivers ahead of the British Grand Prix. Silverstone July 2023.

Stefano Domenicali has reassured fans that even with movies filming during a grand prix weekend, his number one priority is still the sport itself.

The Silverstone pit lane had an unusual sight in it last weekend when a fictional 11th F1 team was featured among the usual contenders.

The reason for the arrival of an extra team was not that the likes of Andretti had been allowed to join but instead had Hollywood links with Brad Pitt in town to film some scenes as part of his upcoming F1-focused movie.

Pitt’s team, called APXGP, was at the back of the grid ahead of the formation lap with Pitt lining up alongside Max Verstappen as well one of the movie’s producers Lewis Hamilton at the front of the grid while the national anthem was played.

It is the latest in a line of TV and movie projects focused on F1 with Daniel Ricciardo attached to a Formula 1 based fictional television series and Netflix’s popular Drive to Survive docuseries.

The increased focus from the entertainment world has helped to grow the popularity of the sport but the addition of Pitt’s team to an actual F1 pit lane and grid had some concerned that the sport has gone too far in catering Hollywood’s demands. F1 president Domenicali has hit back at that and insisted the sport itself was “priority number one.”

“Silverstone is incredible,” he told the Formula for Success podcast. “What we see here today here is incredible because you see fans that love motorsport, that were born here with the passion no matter the weather. They are here for this incredible sport. recommends

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“But in other places of the world there are other young people that didn’t know who we were and through that series [Drive to Survive] they discover us.

“We have one problem when we have our drivers, they have helmets, gloves, cars and they cannot see their faces so we were able to get behind the scene to explain really what is the real life of Formula 1. Now we have the new movie that will take F1 to another dimension.

“Of course we have not changed our DNA of the sport because that’s racing and that’s something that is absolutely priority number one but we have the duty to ensure the sport keeps growing and we will do.”

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