Stefano Domenicali reveals F1 stance on fresh tyre war following Bridgestone rejection

Sam Cooper
Stefano Domenicali smiling on the grid in Miami. United States, May 2022.

Stefano Domenicali has left the door open to a tyre war in the future.

F1 president Stefano Domenicali has not closed the door entirely on the possibility of another tyre war after Pirelli were given the contract ahead of Bridgestone.

Pirelli, the existing tyre supplier, beat competition from the Japanese outfit Bridgestone to secure their future in the sport until 2027.

But with many fans disappointed not to see a return of the ‘tyre wars’ of yesteryear, Domenicali has said that could be a possibility in the future.

Tyre wars could happen in the future, but it’s unlikely says Stefano Domenicali

Having an established sole tyre supplier is quite a modern thing in F1 with only a handful of seasons pre-2007 having just one manufacturer. It was Bridgestone who took over who full control that year before handing the reins to Pirelli in 2011.

The Japanese supplier, who is third-most used in F1 history, attempted to win back the deal only for Formula 1 to stick with the status quo.

In justifying the decision to go with one supplier, Domenicali suggested that costs were far too high to do anything different.

“As you know, that point (of one supplier) was taken, together with the FIA, to make sure we were able to control the cost of the ecosystem of Formula 1,” he said, as per Speedcafe.

“That was the main reason we moved from the car competition, when we had a lot of testing, where we had a lot of mileage, and where there was a lot of research, that was really beneficial, but the cost was really massive.

“It is too premature to consider that this could be a possibility for the future, but in terms of the actual situation where cost control is very relevant, I would say we haven’t decided for sure.

“It is not yet on the agenda to see if this could be a possibility in the future, but it’s a point of relevancy because in the future if you’re able to control the different mechanisms of the costs, why not?

“But so far, it is not on the agenda of the discussions, together with the FIA, and with the teams.” recommends

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Pirelli, meanwhile, were confident they could stave off any future competition, noting that they supply “300 championships” across the world.

“It is important to underline that Pirelli is participating, and is part of, more than 300 championships around the world in the motorsport business,” Pirelli executive vice-president Marco Tronchetti Provera said.

“In most of them, there are also other suppliers, and we are happy to compete with other suppliers, so it is never an issue for us.

“For us, there has always been an opportunity, competing with others as we do, providing tyres for the prestige cars, the premium cars, and we are very happy because it’s an opportunity to prove our technology.”

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