Steiner open to extending points but only top 15

Date published: July 16 2018 - Editor

Steiner open to extending points but only top 15

Guenther Steiner is “OK” with Formula 1 extending the current points-scoring system, but only “down to 15.”

According to Force India team boss Vijay Mallya, the sport is considering a new points-scoring system that would see every driver that completes a grand prix score points.

The proposal has been panned by Fernando Alonso and other drivers with the double World Champion saying it was detract from the “miracles” such as Jules Bianchi’s P9 at the 2014 Monaco Grand Prix.

However, Haas team boss Steiner says his is favour, but only for the first 15 drivers to score.

“I think down to 15 is OK,” Steiner told “In my opinion nothing changes, you need to adapt to it.

“We all remember when it was up to six [finishers] then we went to eight then we went to 10.

“It’s just number but you need to make sure that how the points are given, it’s fair. The position you fight for, needs to be rewarded for it.”

Should F1 decide to award points to more drivers, Steiner says they’re also going to have to look at the numbers as 25 won’t be enough of a reward for a race winner.

“There needs to be gaps,” he said. “If you finish 10th or 15th there needs to be a good gap.

“You have to start with a complete new set of numbers for the winner: 50 or 100, I don’t know, that’s not my job to do this calculation.”