Steiner ‘unhappy but happy’, says RP20’s legal

Michelle Foster
Guenther Steiner says fewer races is more costly than no races.

Guenther Steiner says fewer races is more costly than no races.

Guenther Steiner isn’t impressed that Racing Point have copied Mercedes’ F1 car but says he can’t complain, it is in the rules.

Racing Point unveiled a pink Mercedes at the start of pre-season testing, the car bearing a striking resemblance to last year’s W10 with a few bits from this year’s Mercedes.

First calling it “inspiration”, Racing Point later admitted they had copied the Mercedes.

Team boss Otmar Szafnauer said it was all “within the rules”, adding that they had seen Mercedes “are doing, we take pictures, we try to understand it, we run it in the tunnel, and we do it ourselves.”

And that, Haas team boss Steiner concedes, is within the rules.

“I’m happy they’ve copied, I have to be because it’s not illegal,” the Austrian said to

“There’s no point getting upset over something that’s legal. I can be unhappy, that’s it.

“It’s legal, we make the rules, we’ve got a big part voting for those rules, they were voted like this, so we have to be happy even if we’re unhappy because we can’t do anything about it.

“Has it gone too far? I don’t know.

“I mean, the rules are what they are and they took this opportunity got where they are.

“The teams are a big part in the strategy group and that what was decided, so I think they’ve done the best for them with what the regulations allow.”

Racing Point’s RP20, and its fast times during pre-season testing, has raised questions about customer cars entering Formula 1.

If everyone was driving a Mercedes, Ferrari or Red Bull, the competition would be a lot tighter at the front.

Asked for his thoughts on customer cars, Steiner replied: “I think it’s too early to talk about that.

“I don’t know, it always depends on where the sport is. It may be a good idea, you’ve got me there on the back foot with that one. I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not.

“At the moment it’s not even in the books.”

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