Steiner wants further clarity on Force India

Date published: August 25 2018

Guenther Steiner wants further clarity on Force India

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner says further clarity is needed regarding Force India’s situation with the team racing in Belgium as a new entry.

During the summer break Force India was saved by a consortium led by Canadian businessman Lance Stroll.

Purchasing the assets of the team, the Formula 1 outfit arrived at Spa as Racing Point Force India, a new entry.

Under that they have lost all the points previously scored this season but rival teams have agreed they can still secure their share of the prize money that is split equally between all 10 teams.

However, that’s about as far as the clarity goes at present.

“Is it sorted?” Steiner asked Autosport when asked if Haas were happy with the Force India situation. “For this weekend, absolutely. I think it is the right thing to let them race here.

“But there are a lot of open questions which need to be answered before I would consider it to be closed or sorted.”

He added: “FOM needs to explain what it has done.

“We have a contract where it is written what is possible or not, and in due course they will explain how they will sort it and how it will work going forward.”

And while Steiner acknowledges that Force India have not always been favourable toward Haas, he insists that does not factor is his current thinking about his team’s rival.

“That doesn’t come into it in this game, that is a different one I think,” he said.

“That is racing at the time. Even this year they have been vocal about us.

“It is more like we just have to understand what actually was done, or what will be done.

“We fixed the short term problem that they race here, but how everything else is working I don’t have a clear picture.”