Stewards reach verdict on Fernando Alonso-Esteban Ocon crash at Interlagos

Henry Valantine
Esteban Ocon has his car lifted following a crash with Fernando Alonso.

Esteban Ocon's stricken Alpine had to be lifted to safety following his high-speed impact with Fernando Alonso.

The FIA stewards have taken no further action following the crash between Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon at the Brazilian Grand Prix Sprint Shootout on Saturday.

Ocon put the blame on his former Alpine team-mate after the two collided coming out of the Senna S at Interlagos in a massive impact, with Ocon clipping the front of Alonso’s car at full speed.

Alonso, meanwhile, believes it was a case of “wrong place, wrong moment” as he moved off the racing line to allow Ocon by, but the Frenchman appeared to suffer oversteer that sent him towards the Aston Martin, leading to their contact that left Ocon spinning towards the wall.

Neither Fernando Alonso nor Esteban Ocon ‘wholly to blame’ for Sprint Shootout crash

Ocon had a massive impact with the tyre barrier towards Curva do Sol that caused a half-hour delay to the qualifying session for Saturday’s Sprint, taking a couple of minutes to climb out of his car and heading to the medical centre for precautionary checks following the crash.

But with both drivers having visited the stewards to discuss the incident, the FIA could not pin the blame fully on one driver, as they explained.

“The Stewards heard from the driver of Car 14 (Fernando Alonso), the driver of Car 31 (Esteban Ocon), team representatives and reviewed positioning/marshalling system data, video, team radio and in-car video evidence,” the stewards’ verdict read.

“The Stewards determined that ALO was aware that OCO was approaching at high speed on the exit of turn 2. Thus, ALO moved off of the racing line so that OCO could pass. recommends

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“At turn 3, OCO lost the balance of the car and went wide on the exit. At the same time, ALO turned more towards the racing line giving less room for OCO.

“The combination of these two elements lead to the collision. The Stewards determined that no driver was wholly or predominantly to blame.

“Therefore, no penalty is applied.”

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