Support for Andretti still ‘in the minority’ as key meeting date looms

Sam Cooper
McLaren's Zak Brown with Mario Andretti. Austin, October 2022.

McLaren's Zak Brown with Mario Andretti. Austin, October 2022.

Zak Brown believes he is “in the minority” as he continues to support Andretti’s attempt to get onto the Formula 1 grid.

Andretti’s move to get on the grid has been one of frustration for the American outfit as while the FIA seem to be on board, it is the Formula 1 side of the equation that is less than enthusiastic.

That largely stems from the teams’ fear that any new outfit will dilute their own profits and the majority of the current crop of 10 believe Andretti have yet to show they will bring enough to offset that loss of revenue.

They are not unanimous in that belief though with both Alpine and McLaren said to be in support of a potential 11th team.

McLaren’s CEO Brown, who like Andretti is American, has been the most vocal in his support and while the potential team waits to see if they have passed the FIA Expression of Interest process, Brown said he would “love to see the grid expand.”

“I think what’s come to light is that three or four teams are going to put forth entries. I’d love to see the grid expand with the right terms and conditions,” Brown told the Associated Press. recommends

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“We know I’m a supporter of Michael and Cadillac and I think they’d be healthy for the sport. I’m probably in the minority in that thinking.”

Brown did however clarify that the teams do not get a vote on whether a new constructor joins or not.

“The teams don’t have a voice,” Brown said.

“I don’t think everyone fully understands the governance of Formula 1. At the end of the day, the teams have no vote on this particular matter.”

Andretti are not the only ones seeking to get a place on the grid with Asia-based Panthera confirming to that they too were going through the FIA process.

Brown expects the situation to be made a lot clearer when the teams reconvene for the FIA Commision meeting on April 26.