Szafnauer: We will be at F2 pace in 2021

Jamie Woodhouse
Mercedes Singapore

SportPesa Racing Point warn that cars could all look the same in 2021 and be at F2 speed.

SportPesa Racing Point principal Otmar Szafnauer has warned that F1 cars could all look the same in 2021 and be the same speed as F2.

The series plans to introduce a complete overhaul in 2021, including sweeping changes to the regulations, costs and prize money distribution.

However, Szafnauer warns that the “restrictive” regulations could make all the cars look the same and see then lapping at F2 speed “seven seconds a lap slower”.

“A level playing field should happen from the financial regulations, as well as the cost cap,” Szafnauer told the media in Singapore. “Together with the money distribution and cost cap.

“We need to have the ability to differentiate one car from another, otherwise they are all going to look the same and go seven seconds a lap slower.

“So we’re not there yet, but hopefully we will come to a set of regulations where we can differentiate one car from another. We need that freedom and latitude.

“My personal worry is that the cars are getting heavier, the downforce is going to be a lot less, so we’re going to be five, six, seven seconds slower than where we are.

“We’re going to be spending $175 million if you spend up to the limit and then there are some things excluded as well, so you’ll spend $200 million to have a Formula that is barely quicker than Formula 2, where the cars look the same.”

Racing Point’s technical director Andrew Green agreed that the cars will look identical, but revealed that the FIA are working on “a system for open source parts”.

“I guarantee in a years time we will still be discussing the regulations for 2021,” said Green.

“Is it restrictive? Massively. The cars are going to look identical, there is very little scope for freedom.

“The FIA proposed a system for open source parts where teams publish their design on the FIA website and all teams can see what people are using, and pick and choose the bits they want to.

“We naturally tend towards one design, but efficient and performant design. It’s a better way of doing it. It was just proposed at the last meeting so I’m hoping they’re going to expand on that.”

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