Teams to discuss DRS after Ericsson’s crash

Teams to discuss DRS after Marcus Ericsson's crash

Marcus Ericsson’s heavy crash at Monza, the result of a problem with his DRS, is one of the topics on the agenda when F1’s TWG meets on Thursday.

Ericsson suffered a massive crash during second practice at the Monza circuit when he DRS flap failed to close.

The Swede was travelling at speed when he hit the wall with his Sauber rolling several times.

Ericsson was unhurt.

Sauber subsequently implemented a fix, however, the topic will be discussed further when F1’s Technical Working Group meets this week.

“We’ve got a technical working group meeting on Thursday, and we’re going to discuss that,” Charlie Whiting told Autosport.

“We checked a lot of DRS systems on the cars after qualifying, to make sure that none of them could do what the Sauber’s did.

“Theirs effectively had a stop but the stop was easy to override, and it could go over the centre and when it closed – when the driver brakes or goes off the throttle above a certain threshold – it’s slow to close because it has gone over the centre.

“They [Sauber] put these stops in it to make sure it couldn’t happen again.”

Whiting added: “It’s not uncommon when you see a failure of the actuator, I expect. It happened to Kimi [Raikkonen] in Spa, after accident damage of course.”

The official Formula 1 website released details about Ericsson’s crash in a Twitter video.

The Sauber driver crashed at 320kph, recorded a maximum G-Force 28G and barrel rolled four times.

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