Ted Kravitz reveals how Lance Stroll trainer will get ‘revenge’ after confrontation

Jamie Woodhouse
Lance Stroll standing in front of Aston Martin team members.

Lance Stroll standing in front of team members at Aston Martin in Qatar.

Sky F1 pit-lane reporter Ted Kravitz says Lance Stroll has apologised to his trainer Henry Howe after their clash, the pair “like brothers”, with Howe readying a brutal training session to get his own back. 

Stroll reacted with major frustration after suffering Q1 elimination in Qatar, the fourth round in a row where he fell at that opening hurdle.

But it was what went down when Stroll returned to the Aston Martin garage which proved to be the major talking point.

Lance Stroll and Henry Howe make up

After exiting the cockpit, Stroll was seen pushing past Howe as he headed for the exit door at the back of the garage, at which point Stroll appeared to push Howe, who had followed him, with force.

Kravitz though, speaking on his Ted’s Notebook programme, confirmed that Stroll has apologised and is now preparing to meet Howe’s revenge in their next training session.

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“So I have a little bit more for you on the Lance Stroll pushing his trainer Henry moment,” Kravitz began.

“So he has apologised. Obviously it wasn’t a cool thing to do. Lance has acknowledged that.

“Henry was trying to get him to go out the front of the garage to do the walk of shame down to the FIA weighbridge, and that’s why Lance, all full of emotion and adrenaline, disappointed in himself, Lance is his own harshest critic, was really annoyed that he hadn’t performed himself and in a moment pushed away his trainer Henry.

“He says he’s apologised to Henry, but he says they’re like brothers and Henry is going to get his own back on Lance when he next puts him through one of his training sessions. And that Lance is absolutely sure that Henry will have his revenge on the push, which didn’t look cool for Lance Stroll, but Lance has apologised about it to Henry.

“So he said that they’ve all moved on and you can understand that even though it wasn’t a cool look, that when they’re as close as they are, as a driver always is to his trainer, that these things can happen in the heat of the moment.

“So yeah, don’t beat up Lance Stroll too much, because he’s beating himself up even more.”

Aston Martin desperately need Stroll to make progress from his P17 grid slot on Grand Prix Sunday, with McLaren now only 35 points behind as they close in fast on Aston Martin’s P4 spot in the Constructors’ Championship.

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