Tests every 48 hours for F1 paddock members

Jamie Woodhouse


Formula 1 managing director Ross Brawn says everyone in the paddock at F1 events will be tested every 48 hours.

The series’ chiefs are still piecing together a revised schedule for the 2020 season, but they do at least have a planned start date which is in Austria from 3-5 July.

And Brawn wants to create Formula 1’s own “bubble” by testing and clearing the limited number of people who will be allowed in the paddock for race weekends.

After that, those personnel will then need to be tested every 48 hours.

“The FIA is doing a great job of putting together the structure we need. Everybody will be tested and will have a clearance before they can go into the paddock,” he told Sky Sports F1.

Then every two days they will be tested whilst in the paddock. That will be with an authorized authority and system. Certainly for all the European races, we’ll be using the same facility to conduct that testing. We can ensure that everybody has been tested who is in that environment is tested regularly.”

Since social distancing won’t be possible, Brawn says it is vital to create this “bubble of isolation”.

We’ll have restrictions on how people move around within the paddock,” he explained.

We cannot socially distance within a team so we have to create an environment within itself, effectively a small bubble of isolation. The teams will stay within their own groups, they won’t mingle with other teams and they’ll set their own hotels. There are no motorhomes going to be there.

But not everyone in the F1 paddock is tied down to one team and they therefore need to move around, such as media personnel or FIA officials.

So Brawn is working with the FIA and his colleagues to figure out a plan.

“We’re just working with those people who sometimes have to go to all the garages, how that will work, and what we can do there. So there’s a tremendous amount of work going on between ourselves and the FIA,” he said.

“I’m very encouraged by what I’m seeing and what I’m hearing, we’ll be able to provide a safe environment that we can still race properly.”

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