‘There is a need for a change,’ warns Brawn

Shahida Jacobs
Ross Brawn

Ross Brawn

Formula 1 managing director Ross Brawn has implored the sport’s role players to “react” and develop “new regulations in the long-term interests of the sport”.

Brawn’s plea comes on the back of reports that some want to delay the introduction of the new rules.

F1 is set to undergo major changes in 2021 as not only the new technical regs will be implemented, but the sport is also set to use a budget cap for the first time.

That is the plan anyway as some teams now want some tweaks with Red Bull team boss Christian Horner saying it would be best if the cost cap gets the nod for 2021 with the new technical rules rubber stamped for the following season.

“I think with hindsight we would have been better bringing the cap in first for ’21 and then taking more time to develop these regulations and evolve them and bring them in in time for ’22, so that any development that the big teams undertake would be under the umbrella of the cap,” Horner said. “I think it’s impossible to bring that cap forward to 2020 because you will never achieve agreement on it.”

However, Brawn vented his frustration after this weekend’s Mexican Grand Prix as he feels it showed that the sport needs change immediately.

“Suggestions we should delay the introduction are frustrating because the situation gets even worse each year with the cars we have now,” he said. “How many opportunities have we lost to see close battles?

“On Sunday there weren’t many, despite the track characteristics and the introduction of an additional third DRS zone. If even these attributes do not produce closer racing, it’s time we reacted. It isn’t about change for the sake of it, we have put a massive effort into developing these new regulations in the long-term interests of the sport.”

The World Motor Sport Council is due to sign off on the new regulations on Thursday, but it remains to be seen if they will do so.

Brawn once again highlighted the fact that the best cars on the grid couldn’t overtake each other at the end of the race in Mexico.

He added: “Once again we saw that when cars and drivers are evenly matched, then it becomes really hard to not only overtake but to even get close to the car in front.

“Getting too close for a few laps could mean ruining your tyres, causing drivers to back off and let them recover before making another brief assault.

“This is nothing new, but it confirms once again that there is a need for a change in the regulations to enable cars to fight at close quarters. Change is potentially now not far off, at least on paper, given that in a few days, the FIA World Motor Sport Council will rule on the regulation package for 2021, which we presented along with the FIA.”

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