‘There’s no truth about it’ – Carlos Sainz quashes disconcerting F1 rumour

Michelle Foster
Carlos Sainz, Ferrari, 2024 Chinese Grand Prix, with Audi logo.

Carlos Sainz has been heavily linked with the arrival of Audi in F1.

Carlos Sainz has quashed a rumour he turned down Audi to ‘risk’ his future on a Red Bull or Mercedes call-up, the Spaniard says there is “no truth” to that.

Sainz has long been linked to Audi with the rumours circulating even before Ferrari announced they had not renewed his contract, however, instead of confirming Sainz, they’ve announced Nico Hulkenberg for the 2025 season.

‘There are certain things that don’t depend fully on myself’

That had Spanish journalist Antonio Lobato claiming Sainz had turned down the German manufacturer, who will rebrand the Sauber team as Audi in 2026, as he’s hoping to land either a Red Bull or Mercedes race seat.

“He decided not to accept the offer and miss the deadline he had to respond,” Lobato wrote on X. “Accepting it would have given him peace of mind, in addition to a good financial offer, but he preferred to take the risk to see if he finds a place in a more competitive team.”

He went on to specifically name Red Bull and Mercedes.

Sainz, however, says there’s no truth to that claim.

“No, that’s not correct. There’s no truth about it,” he told the media in Miami.

“As I’ve said before, there are certain things that don’t depend fully on myself and there’s going to be some waiting to be done.

“But, in the meantime, it’s not like we are completely stopped. We’re still in conversations with people and advancing what we can advance.

“But all those things include the waiting that as I said before we’re going to need to do for people to make up their minds in many areas.”

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Carlos Sainz has ‘no assurances’ from Audi they’ll wait

But while Sainz waits on other factors to play out, it has been suggested Audi could move on from signing the three-time grand prix winner.

Asked if he had ‘any assurances’ from Audi that they were happy to wait, he replied: “No, the only assurance that I have, is from myself that I want to take the right decision. That’s why it’s also taking a bit longer and that’s why I want to see all the options available before taking any fundamental decision.

“I think Nico joining Audi makes complete sense for them and for Nico, and I think he’s a great driver that I’ve managed to see his talent and I think he’s a great signing for them and I congratulate them because he’s been doing great at Haas.”

The Spaniard made it clear that his decision to wait had nothing to do with not believing in Audi, as he reckons they’re a company that always managed to win as they have done so with his father Carlos Sainz in the Dakar.

“Oh, for sure, my Dad you will always hear him say good things about Audi, the project and how confident he is that Audi will make it to the top in Formula 1,” he said.

“And if you follow the Volkswagen projects, every time they’ve been involved in motorsports – it doesn’t matter if it’s with Porsche, with Audi, all over the Volkswagen group – they’ve managed to win. And I think that’s a very important asset, that’s something very important to consider.

“But in my decision and everything there’s a lot more factors involved. I really hope Audi in the future can fight for the win, because it would just mean one more car fighting for wins and a massive brand like they are. I wish them the best, without having decided if that’s a possibility for me or not.”

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