Ticktum seeks ‘annoying’ superlicence points

Dan Ticktum seeking 'annoying' superlicence points

Dan Ticktum seeking 'annoying' superlicence points

Losing out on the European Formula 3 title and its superlicence points, Dan Ticktum could race in lower-level junior series in the winter to bring his tally to 40.

Drivers need 40 points to race in Formula 1, anything less and they may only test.

At present Ticktum has 32 points; 25 from his runner-up result in F3, five for his 2017 Macau GP win and two from his sixth place in 2015 MSA Formula.

He will, however, lose the latter at the end of this season.

As such Ticktum, who is refusing to give up on a possible Formula 1 race seat with Toro Rosso, is searching for another series to bring his tally up to 40.

“It has been a bit annoying,” he told Autosport about the superlicence saga. “I have enough to test and do everything – the only thing I don’t have enough to do now is race.

“So I have enough to do FP1s and all the rest of it, but I need to try to get myself 40 by the beginning of next season because you never know what will happen.

“There are many opportunities I can use: MRF Challenge and the Toyota Racing Series. If there’s a way, I’ll do it.”

TRS awards seven superlicence points for its champion while the Indian-based MRF series does not offer superlicence points.

As for his plans for 2019, the Brit admits that a Super Formula campaign “is very, very likely” given that Toro Rosso don’t seem too set on signing him as Daniil Kvyat’s next team-mate.

He added: “F2 is all budget dependent, and it is a struggle for Red Bull and my dad.

“That is unfortunately how mammoth the cost of F2 is at the moment.

“If we can find a relatively reasonable deal with a good team we will try and put something together, but at the moment it is looking unlikely.

“But you never know what happens, it all changes from one day to the next in motorsport.

“If I have a very good year next year I think I have a very good shot at Toro Rosso the year after.

“So I just need to make sure I do everything right next year and iron out a few little creases that are left and I should be good.”

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