Toto Wolff reveals the one thing he would change about Las Vegas Grand Prix

Sam Cooper
Toto Wolff walking through the Las Vegas Grand Prix paddock.

Toto Wolff has sung the praises of the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

Toto Wolff said the only thing he would change about the Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend is the start time of qualifying.

Aside from the delayed FP2, qualifying was the latest event to start during the weekend with the action beginning at midnight on the Friday evening local time.

But Wolff has said that is the only aspect he would change from an event he described as otherwise “perfect.”

Toto Wolff labels Las Vegas GP a ‘perfect event’

In the face of mounting criticism, Wolff was a rare voice of support for the Vegas event on Thursday evening, launching an angry tirade at a journalist in defence of the race.

Now, with the chequered flag waved, Wolff described Vegas as the “perfect” event but suggested there should be tweaks to the quali start time.

“I think I wouldn’t change a lot,” he told Sky Sports F1. “If I will change, qualifying maybe take it from midnight to like the race started now at 10[pm].

“So the roads are open longer in Las Vegas and then have a dinner for the fans and then have qualifying. Other than that, I think it was a perfect event.” recommends

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While the event may have gone perfectly in Wolff’s mind, the race for his team certainly did not with Lewis Hamilton picking up damage while George Russell earned himself a penalty.

Wolff was left frustrated by the result but took heart in the fact they had pace.

“It’s frustrating to say but today was another example of a grand prix where we’ve had good pace and not got the result that pace has deserved,” the Austrian said. “Once George was given the five-second time penalty, it was pretty much game over for him in terms of the podium.

“He definitely had the speed to challenge those at the front, maybe not Verstappen, but possibly Leclerc and Perez. It is what it is though.

“Lewis also had contact, twice in fact, with neither his fault. He was starting further back on the grid but as others around him showed, there was still a good result up for grabs. His pace was strong throughout, but those two incidents cost him today.”

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