Wolff: Ferrari’s extra R&D time worth ‘couple of tenths’

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Mattia Binotto feels no "hatred" towards Toto Wolff.

The extra time that Ferrari were permitted in the wind tunnel while designing their 2022 car could be worth a “couple of tenths” on the track.

That’s according to Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff.

Finishing the 2020 championship down in sixth place in the Constructors’ standings was a major blow to Ferrari but it did have one up side, more R&D time.

As of last season the teams had to operate under an R&D sliding scale designed to handicap the best-placed teams in the standings.

The team that finished first in 2020, Mercedes, was allowed 90% of the quota with the scale increasing by 2.5% for each position down the order, P10 receiving 115% of the allowance.

Wolff reckons between Mercedes in P1 and P6’s Ferrari, that could be worth a couple of tenths on the track.

“The ability of having more wind tunnel time is of course something you need to you need to bear in mind,” Wolff said as per Crash.net.

“The advantage of finishing sixth versus first over the course of the season is a couple of tenths [of a second].

“And of course you need to catch up, but we are part of these regulations. I think it’s good to create competition, so we shall see where everyone is.”

The Austrian, though, is okay with that as he says it would be good for Formula 1 to have Ferrari back fighting for wins.

The Scuderia last won a grand prix in 2019, spending the past two seasons trying to recover the pace they lost in the wake of the engine cheating scandal.

“As a fan, I love Ferrari,” Wolff said. “They they are the greatest name in Formula 1, and it cannot be that Ferrari is not competing for race victories and titles.

“Winning championships is something different, many things have to come together to achieve that, but I think for all us fans of the sport Ferrari needs to be in the mix and we’ve missed them in the last few years.

“The passion of everyone at Ferrari and also the tifosi in Italy, it’s important to see that the car is competitive. So I hope there will be a few of us who are able to win races and [are] fighting hard on track.”


However, it is not just Ferrari who could be in the mix this season given Formula 1’s all-new technical regulations which could yet see one team come up with an innovation that gives them a march on their rivals.

“Personally, I’m not discounting any teams,” Wolff added. “Everyone could be high up in the standings at the beginning of the season.

“We’ve seen it in 2009 with a double diffuser, if a team has innovated and discovered opportunities that could be game changers, [then] anyone can be ahead at the beginning [of the season].”


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Ferrari's extra R&D time worth 'couple of tenths'

Toto Wolff believes that Ferrari may gain a couple of tenths from extra wind tunnel time.