Toto Wolff injured in holiday accident during F1 summer break

Thomas Maher
Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff at the Belgian Grand Prix. July 2023.

Mercedes' Toto Wolff at the Belgian Grand Prix. July 2023.

Toto Wolff has picked up an injury while on holiday with his family, his wife Susie has revealed.

The Mercedes boss is making the most of the opportunity to go on holiday with his family, but the Austrian’s downtime has had a bit of a downer put on it by the fact that Wolff picked up an injury while taking part in some adventure experiences.

Susie Wolff, wife of Toto, took to Instagram on Sunday morning to share a couple of pictures of herself on holiday with the Mercedes boss – the couple treating their son Jack to a trip away during the brief summer break.

Toto Wolff picks up an arm injury

The caption to Wolff’s social media post simply read: “Action-packed start to the summer holidays. Last picture shows how the downhill mountain biking ended for Toto…”

Flicking across to the final picture showed Toto, walking along holding his son’s hand, but with his left arm in a full-length cast, suggesting the Austrian has picked up a bone fracture as a result of a tumble from his mountain bike.

Aside from that, Wolff appeared to be unhurt and in good spirits with no indication that there’s any need to cut the holiday short. Other images showed the family going karting, with Susie pictured in her racing gear for the first time since retiring from her driving career.

A request for clarification from Mercedes confirmed Wolff has suffered a fractured elbow while downhill mountain biking. He was injured on the Monday immediately following the Belgian Grand Prix, and is expected to be fully recovered by the end of the summer shutdown. recommends

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It’s not the first time Wolff has been injured enjoying leisure activities during downtime.

In 2014, Wolff triggered a cycling pile-up while out with other members of the Mercedes team along the Danube River in Hungary. It resulted in Wolff fracturing his elbow, shoulder, collarbone, and wrist, leading Susie to brand him the ‘Totonator’ due to the metal inserted into his wrist.

A few months later, he also suffered a kneecap fracture after a fall from an exercise ball.

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