Wolff sees Hamilton in F1 for ‘many more years’

Michelle Foster
Lewis Hamilton speaking with Andy Shovlin. Australia April 2022

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton speaking with Andy Shovlin, the latter with his hand to his head. Australia April 2022

Lewis Hamilton will be in Formula 1 for a “few” more years with Toto Wolff adamant he is still enjoying racing despite Mercedes’ troubles.

Hamilton is arguably the most successful driver to have ever raced in Formula 1 with 103 race wins, 103 pole positions and seven World titles.

Last season he signed a new two-year deal with Mercedes, one that should keep him at the Brackley squad until the end of 2023.

But after Mercedes’ poor start to the 2022 F1 season, many were questioning whether the 37-year-old could be tempted to accept a premature retirement.

“No,” was Wolff’s simple reply when asked that question by PA news agency.

He added: “You can only walk away if you don’t like what you do any more, but Lewis loves doing this.

“Fernando Alonso wants to go on for another three years. Today, athletes look after themselves much better.

“More is known about the science, nutrition, health and medical side of it, and Lewis is in fantastic shape. His lifestyle is hugely disciplined now and he has many, many years to go.

“In Britain, a couple means two, but where I come from in Austria, a couple means a few, and there are a few [more years to go].

“And isn’t it a great challenge for him? He was at McLaren. He then went to Mercedes when it wasn’t great, and has won six titles here. The team has got it wrong now, but he can be a part of the rise again.”

Not for the first time Wolff has spoken about how Mercedes’ current troubles, the team’s W13 suffering with severe porpoising that means they cannot run the car as they would like to, has impacted him.

“I don’t sleep, and that is not because of jet lag,” he said. “I am not sleeping because I am beating myself up on how to get on top of these things. It is a miserable state of mind.

“I have to look for solutions, and I am trying to improve myself in order to extract more performance.”

After managing to finish third and fourth in the third race of the season, the Australian Grand Prix, with George Russell ahead of Hamilton it would appear that Wolff and Mercedes are slowly finding their feet.

They are, however, well off the pace of Charles Leclerc in the Drivers’ Championship fight.


“Are we going to fight for the World Championships?” Wolff said. ” My expectation from a pure mathematical stance is no, we are too slow. This needs to be a blip and not a long-term downward spiral.

“It will be a blip, and that is why we need to get it right now – not on the stopwatch, but mentally.”


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Lewis Hamilton has work to do to get on top of his car, which can bite back if driven incorrectly.