Toto Wolff not falling for Christian Horner ‘trap’ despite Red Bull’s dominance

Michelle Foster
Christian Horner, Toto Wolff and the FIA

Toto Wolff won't urge the FIA to intervene on Red Bull's dominance

As the Red Bull juggernaut rumbles on, Toto Wolff insists he will not “fall into the trap” that Christian Horner did in 2015 by calling on the FIA to intervene.

Red Bull have dominated in the ground-effect aerodynamic era winning 38 of 44 Grands Prix and back-to-back championship doubles while also bringing home the 1-2 in last year’s Drivers’ Championship.

Toto Wolff will not ask the FIA to intervene

It is, rivals fear, just the beginning with Red Bull also looking as sure a bet for this year’s double while in 2025 the rules will remain stable.

But while Formula 1 is in the midst of the Red Bull era, from 2014 to 2020 it was Mercedes who dominated the sport.

After securing the double and the 1-2 in 2014, the first year of a new engine formula, they motored to a repeat in 2015 which prompted Horner to call on the FIA to intervene.

“When we were winning, and we were never winning to the advantage that they have, is it healthy to have this situation?” said the Red Bull team boss. “The FIA, within the rules, have an equalisation mechanism and I think it is perhaps something we need to look at.”

However, even when Mercedes were on top, they were not winning all but one Grand Prix per season as Red Bull did last year.

Wolff, though, says he won’t do as Horner did by urging the FIA to step in.

“I don’t want to fall into the trap of my fellow team principal from next door in 2014 or 15 who said we should change the regs because it [Mercedes] is too dominant,” he told the media after the Saudi Arabian GP.

“I think they’ve done the best job of all the teams over the last two years, credit where credit is due. I mean they are literally disappearing into the distance as they want, and there’s nobody else close.

“But there is not a huge performance differential with everybody that follows depending on the track, is just they are in a different league and that is our sport.

“It is an honest sport and the best performance is being rewarded from car, machine and man.” recommends

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A cool and calm Toto Wolff; meds or mindset?

As for Mercedes’ performance, their best showing so far this year was George Russell’s P5 in Bahrain with Ferrari the only team joining Red Bull on the podium.

Sixth and eighth in Saudi Arabia where they suffered with a lack of downforce as well as pace in the high-speed corners, pundits noted that instead of banging his headphones as he’s done in recent years, there was a much calmer Wolff in the garage.

After joking about having had his medication adjusted, he admits it is because he’s changed his mindset and firmly believes Mercedes will recover.

“Thinking about finding the right medication volume, like they just increased the dose,” he joked, before saying: “I’ve changed my mindset. I don’t think that additional pressure on all of us makes it better.

“I think we have a problem with the physics, but it’s not from a lack of trying or mindset, or motivation or energy. All of that is there.

“As racers when we have such results, you’re feeling down. But we’re trying to change that with the right motivation for the week that comes.

“And that’s why we are believing that we can turn this around. We believe that our organisation can dig ourselves out, and I’m 100 per cent sure we can.”

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