‘Little revolution’ forming around Racing Point

Jamie Woodhouse
Racing Point

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff believes a “little revolution” is forming as teams look to take advantage of the FIA’s ruling and take down their common rival Racing Point.

Racing Point were deducted 15 points, fined 400,000 Euros, and were reprimanded for two races after their Mercedes-inspired brake ducts were deemed illegal by the FIA.

The brake ducts are only illegal from a sporting regulations perspective, though, not a technical one. In other words, the process of how Racing Point put the brake ducts on their car is not within the rules, but the parts themselves are legal.

The FIA delivered its verdict on Friday morning, one hour before FP1 was due to get underway at Silverstone for the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix, after weeks of investigation following an initial protest from Renault.

And while teams like Renault are weighing up if they wish to appeal against the ruling on the grounds of it being too soft on Racing Point, Wolff doesn’t understand how any of this is in breach of the rules at all.

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And even if that is the case, the Austrian believes that Racing Point’s rivals are using the situation as a way of slowing Racing Point down since the team have surged to the front of the midfield pack this season.

“Obviously I know the case inside and out,” Wolff told Sky Sports F1.

“We were surprised in a way because there is a strong belief from everyone who is involved that everything was part of the regulations.

“The tricky part of it is that the brake ducts were non-listed parts in 2019 and became listed.

“The non-listed parts were supplied in 2019. Full stop. That is what the regulation says [is allowed].

“The FIA wanted to come up with a solution that lets everybody live.

“Racing Point is pretty upset. They believe they have a strong case and have lawyers ready to go and appeal.

“And from the other side I see what is a group forming, a little revolution, in every sense, little, and they are trying to go after Racing Point because I guess they are upset over the performance that the Racing Point has.”

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