Toto Wolff welcomes ‘breath of fresh air’ after Red Bull winning streak ended

Sam Cooper
Mercedes CEO Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff has been the most vocal opponent to new F1 teams.

Toto Wolff has welcomed a “breath of fresh air” after Red Bull failed to win a race for the first time this season.

After 15 races with one team on top, Singapore saw Red Bull’s streak come to an end as Carlos Sainz and Ferrari secured the victory.

Mercedes meanwhile had a chance to break the streak themselves but even if it was another team that did it, Wolff was happy to see a different constructor on the top step.

Toto Wolff warns Red Bull will be back after Singapore struggles

Heading into Singapore, no one could have predicted the struggles Red Bull would endure throughout the weekend. With a car that at times looked as if it was driving on ice rather than tarmac, their job only got harder when a poorly timed Safety Car effectively ended their offset strategy.

Wolff, whose team are no longer the last non-Red Bull constructor to win a race, predicted that their performance was just a blip though.

“I think they will be strong [for the rest of the year],” he told the media. “They won many races this year, we must not forget just because we have this outlier here in Singapore which was a difficult track for us in the past in our dominant years.

“I have no doubt that they will be strong for the majority of conventional race tracks.

“But it’s a breath of fresh air that we have a different winner, we have a podium without them. You’ve got to take the small positives in a year of dominance.” recommends

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As for their own chances of a win, something they have not achieved since Sao Paulo last year, Wolff admitted he wanted to maintain their record of a victory every season since he arrived but that “you’ve got to stay humble about it.”

“I’d like to say that every year we raced, we had a win but you’ve got to stay humble about it,” the Austrian said. “We have had a super strong Red Bull. We hope that we have more opportunities to race up front.

“We’ll bring some stuff to Austin so you have some fun races ahead, and I certainly very much hope so.”

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