Toto Wolff reveals ‘what was said’ to Carlos Sainz in Mercedes seat talks

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Carlos Sainz next to badge of Mercedes

Carlos Sainz

Although Mercedes have not made a decision on putting Kimi Antonelli in the car next season, Toto Wolff has told Carlos Sainz that the Italian is Mercedes’ “future”.

Out of a job for next year’s championship after losing his Ferrari race seat to Lewis Hamilton, Sainz was initially linked to Audi, Mercedes and Red Bull.

Toto Wolff: We also said that to Carlos Sainz

But while reports claimed he turned down Audi in the hope of landing either the Red Bull or Mercedes seats, he’s down to just Mercedes as a top-team option after Red Bull announced Sergio Perez had signed a new two-year extension.

And his Mercedes’ chances aren’t looking great.

While it has been reported that Mercedes are leaning towards promoting their junior driver Antonelli from Formula 2 to Formula 1, Wolff has now given the clearest indication yet that’s where his thoughts are leaning.

“We just want to concentrate on Andrea Kimi Antonelli,” F1Maximaal quotes the team boss as having told Sky Sports Deutschland.

“He is our future. We want to work for the young drivers. We also said that to Carlos.”

All, though, is not lost as the Austrian added: “We haven’t made a decision yet. There are others that could also be of interest to us.”

The latest information on Carlos Sainz’s F1 future

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As for Sainz, he rubbished reports in Canada that he has already signed with a team although no names were mentioned in initial The Objective rumour piece.

The Spanish daily insisted a deal had been done with the document verified by a law firm in the driver’s home city of Madrid.

Sainz scoffed at this, saying: “The only thing I can tell you is there is nothing locked in.

“I’ve seen reports in the media, people saying I’ve signed.

You look at those things, it makes me laugh, because I remember seeing reports three months ago that I had signed for Mercedes, reports that I had signed for Red Bull. Now obviously those places are not going to happen.

“So it’s just funny now people saying I’ve signed for Williams. It makes me laugh knowing that sometimes this goes a bit unpunished in a way for some media reports.

“I can just tell you that obviously concerns me that people can get away with that kind of stuff without being backed or anything like that.

“Apart from that, whenever I have something to say or something to announce, you guys will be the first ones to know and I’ll be here openly talking about it.

“And about my future, I’ll put everything into perspective, I will seriously consider everything inside that contract that I sign.”

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