‘Toto Wolff will join Lawrence Stroll at Aston Martin’

Michelle Foster
Toto Wolff Mercedes

Toto Wolff expects a strong challenge from Red Bull at the Hungarian Grand Prix

Toto Wolff’s days at Mercedes are numbered, at least according to Bernie Ecclestone who believes the Austrian will be moving to Aston Martin in the not-too-distant future.

Earlier this year rumours linked Wolff, who is friends with Stroll, to Aston Martin.

The rumour mill claimed that together the two were planning on buying the Mercedes Formula 1 team from its German owners and rebranding it as Aston Martin.

That didn’t happen.

Instead Stroll bought shares in the Aston Martin company, a shareholding he has since increased, and announced that Racing Point, the F1 team he already owns, would be rebranded Aston Martin come 2021.

There was no mention of Wolff.

That, though, doesn’t mean he won’t be moving over to Aston Martin in the coming months.

Wolff has yet to commit his future to Mercedes with former F1 supremo Ecclestone saying that’s because he’s about to link up with Stroll.

Speaking to GPFans, Ecclestone said: “Toto Wolff has become more friendly with Lawrence.

“He has the brains to pick the right people to be friends with, and I think we will more than likely see him join Lawrence at Aston Martin.

“Lawrence has some people with him and the group has bought control of the company, and I suppose Toto could jump in there as chief executive.

“It might work.”

What Ecclestone doesn’t say, though, is whether Wolff joining Aston Martin would be solely with the car company or whether he would take a role in the Formula 1 team.

Last week Wolff missed a crucial meeting with Liberty Media instead sending James Allison to cast Mercedes’ vote.

Should Wolff opt to walk away from Mercedes, it also raises questions about Lewis Hamilton’s future as the Brit has stated in the past that he would like to continue with the Austrian at the helm.

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