‘Travesty if Sainz doesn’t land strong drive’

'Travesty if Carlos Sainz doesn't land strong drive'

'Travesty if Carlos Sainz doesn't land strong drive'

Carlos Sainz deserves to have a “strong” seat in Formula 1; that’s according former driver turned commentator Martin Brundle.

Sainz’s future in Formula 1 is up in the air after the Spaniard learnt that he won’t be retained by Renault next season.

He joined the team last season after a deal was done between Red Bull, who he is contracted to, and their soon-to-be-ex engine partner.

Instead Renault have announced Daniel Ricciard as his replacement with the Aussie partnering Nico Hulkenberg in 2019.

That, though, could yet work for Sainz who is the heir apparent to Ricciardo’s Red Bull race seat.

But with reports suggesting Max Verstappen does not want the Spaniard as his team-mate after a bit of tension between the two when they were partners at Toro Rosso, Sainz is expect to sign with McLaren.

For now, though, nothing has been confirmed.

“If Carlos Sainz doesn’t get a strong drive in F1 next year it will be a travesty, annoy me intensely, and reflect badly on F1,” Brundle said on Twitter.

Sainz is currently 11th in this year’s championship with 30 points, 22 behind team-mate Hulkenberg.

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