Typhoon Hagibis could hit Japanese Grand Prix

Mark Scott
Typhoon Hagibis could hit Japanese Grand Prix, Andrew James

Japanese Grand Prix

Formula 1 will be on red alert this weekend with the Suzuka circuit potentially in the path of the powerful Typhoon Hagibis.

Japan’s Meteorological Agency (JMA) believe the typhoon could reach ‘violent’, the highest on the scale, and also labelled it as having the potential to “be the strongest to hit Japan this year”.

“Super Typhoon Hagibis is looking set to approach western Japan by Saturday,” said BBC weather presenter Ian Fergusson.

“Although the exact track is uncertain and some weakening is expected on reaching Japan, the risk of direct impacts at Suzuka this weekend from both rain and wind do look increasingly concerning.”

Steffen Dietz, the former official meteorologist for F1, added on Twitter that qualifying day could be the day that gets affected the most.

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