U2’s Bono jumps on F1’s Vegas bandwagon in cringeworthy clip

Thomas Maher
Bono 'handed Las Vegas over to Formula 1' at a concertn in the city.

Bono 'handed Las Vegas over to Formula 1' at a concertn in the city.

U2’s residency in Las Vegas has gone on a short hiatus as a result of Formula 1 rolling into town, with frontman Bono signing off in style.

Having begun their ‘Achtung Baby’ residency at the Sphere at the Venetian in September, U2’s residency in the city came to a temporary end with their November 4th concert as Formula 1 arrives to take over for its debut weekend racing on the streets.

Frontman Bono informed the crowd of the fact that he and the band won’t be performing again until early December, signing off at the end of Saturday’s show with a particularly cheesy speech about “giving Las Vegas back” in order to allow the sport to have its moment in the sun.

Bono: Formula 1 ‘less dangerous’ than rock & roll!

In a clip posted to social media, U2 signed off with Bono attempting to explain to the crowd just what Formula 1 actually is.

“As I mentioned, we’re going on a little break after tonight,” the Irishman said.

“We’re giving Las Vegas back, to Formula One actually we’re giving it to.

“Now, if you don’t know what Formula One is, it’s a sport where very tidy, lean, mean men and some extraordinary women climb onto rockets and try to stay on Earth and not achieve orbit or something like that.

“A little like rock and roll, less dangerous!”

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With Bono then announcing the band members The Edge, Larry Mullen Jnr., and Adam Clayton by comparing them to leading F1 drivers, he also announced himself as Daniel Ricciardo due to his ability to bring peace between NASCAR and F1. Yeah, we don’t know either.

“One of the four great things out of Holland – on the drums, Max Verstappen!” Bono said.

“On the bass, the most elegant man on the circuit. Who is it, who is it? Lewis Hamilton on the bass!

“On guitar, the Monaco model himself, Charles Leclerc!

“I’m at home with country music and metal and I am the right person to bring peace between Formula One and NASCAR – on vocals, Daniel Ricciardo!”

You can watch the clip through your hands below…

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