United States GP 2024: COTA offers unique ‘financial win’ ahead of ‘biggest since Taylor Swift’ announcement

Thomas Maher
The race start of the 2023 United States Grand Prix.

Ticket-holders have the unusual choice of making a financial profit ahead of the 'biggest announcement since Taylor Swift' at the United States Grand Prix.

Ticket-holders for this year’s United States Grand Prix have been offered an unusual deal by the Circuit of the Americas.

Organisers for the United States GP have confirmed a deal is in place for early ticket-holders at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA), offering to buy back their tickets if there’s any reason fans may be put off or are unable to attend.

United States GP ticket buyback scheme operational

COTA has announced a deal for early bird ticket-holders who have secured tickets for this year’s United States Grand Prix.

The Grand Prix organisers are set to reveal the music line-up that serves as the post-track action entertainment, with the date of reveal being April 29th.

Fans in possession of tickets will be given until May 6th to evaluate whether or not they want to attend the Grand Prix weekend, and are being offered $350 to repurchase any general admission three-day weekend grounds passes.

These tickets, over 10 thousand of which were sold, can be sold back to COTA for a profit, with the aim being for COTA to then sell them on again at a higher price following the confirmation of the musical acts.

“We’ve done early bird ticket sales. And we do that often before we’ve even got our whole programme developed,” COTA boss Bobby Epstein told select media, including PlanetF1.com, ahead of the announcement.

“This year, we sold more than 10,000 GA tickets at a price at $299 early Bird last year, and we are going to offer those buyers a chance for a profit.

“We’re going to offer to buy back their tickets at $350.

“Because we know, when we announce our performers for this year’s Grand Prix weekend, that those tickets are going to be worth well more than they paid.

“We’re going to put a limited amount of tickets on sale again, after that music announcement at a little bit of a higher price. It’s still below where we sold tickets when we went out with GA tickets last year.

“So we do want to show there’s value in our tickets and we’ll do that in a number of different ways.”

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Bobby Epstein: Biggest announcement since Taylor Swift

Asked who the musical acts may be, inspiring such confidence in demand for the general admission tickets, Epstein said he expects it to be the most eagerly-anticipated act since COTA confirmed Taylor Swift for 2016.

“We’ve done a lot,” Epstein said when pressed for clues.

“Taylor Swift was one of the first we did that with and we’ve had a lot of superstars since – whether it’s Bruno Mars or Pink, Billy Joel, or a lot of big names.

“But I think this is going to be perhaps the biggest since the Taylor Swift announcement.”

One obvious hurdle for COTA is the fact that ticket-holders could hang onto their tickets until after the announcement before trying to sell on their tickets themselves on the private market, and Epstein admitted it is a possibility.

“I think they’d be able to do that, but they’d have to usually go through a reseller and they charge a commission,” he said.

“I don’t know where that really winds up but we clearly want to buy them back because we think we’re gonna be able to sell them higher.

“We’ll make it easy, but I don’t think many people will take us up on it. But I think it makes a strong statement for us.”

With COTA offering a general admission experience and pricing that the newer Miami and Las Vegas Grands Prix can’t compete with, Epstein spoke of the value offered by GA tickets and said: “I think the GA at our place offers amazing value because we have the advantage of the hills.

“As anyone with a general admission ticket knows, you can see a lot of turns with just a general admission seat – you can see up to 10 turns or more even with reserved seats.

“The concerts are general admission, so it’s really that is the direct comparison here and the reason for that.”

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