Bottas hopes F2 incident ‘triggers’ removal of sausage kerbs

Michelle Foster
ValtterI Bottas walking in the pit lane. Imola April 2022

Alfa Romeo driver ValtterI Bottas walking in the pit lane. Imola April 2022

Valtteri Bottas hopes Dennis Hauger and Roy Nissany’s horror crash in the F2 feature race at Silverstone will be “enough of a trigger” for Formula 1 to remove all sausage kerbs.

Not for the first time, and unless they are removed unlike the last, a car was launched airborne over a sausage kerb.

This time it was in Sunday’s feature race for the Formula 2 drivers at the British Grand Prix.

Fighting for position, Nissany nudged Hauger off the circuit, the Norwegian driver flying off the circuit and over a sausage kerb that he connected front on.

Launched into the air, he landed on top of Nissany, only Halo protecting the DAMS racer from a serious injury.

Bottas says enough is enough.

Asked if Formula 1 should remove all sausage kerbs, the Alfa Romeo told said as per GPFans: “I hope so because there are no… track limits are track limits and they don’t need to be made with sausage kerbs.

“It is the white line and it works in other places so I don’t really see the point of them. But I think the drivers’ meeting will be quite long next weekend.

“The thing is that something needs to happen like we saw on Sunday morning. Hopefully, that’s enough of a trigger.”

Formula 1 drivers have long complained about sausage kerbs, which played a part in Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton’s 2021 Italian GP crash, the Red Bull driver mounting the Mercedes.

Nissany has the Halo to thank that he was able to walk away from the accident, Halo saving two lives on Sunday.

Zhou Guanyu, Bottas’ team-mate, suffered a huge crash on the opening lap of the Formula 1 race where he was flipped upside down.

Sliding across the tarmac and through the gravel, his car dug in and he was flipped over the tyre barrier into the catch fencing.

He too was unhurt.

“Yes, I would agree and I think everyone agrees,” Bottas said of Halo playing its part.

“It is a great thing that has happened to F1 and to safety in general.

“I only saw once he was upside down and landed for the first time and sliding. Then I was past it, so I didn’t see more than that.

“Obviously you need to get on with it and luckily I quickly got the message that he’s fine, so that helped.”


All hail the Halo after Zhou crash

Without the Halo on his car, Zhou Guanyu's crash could well have had tragic consequences.