Valtteri Bottas offers insight into Sergio Perez struggles against Max Verstappen

Sam Cooper
Valtteri Bottas and Sergio Perez

Valtteri Bottas had some tips for Sergio Perez.

Valtteri Bottas has described the mindset a person must have when they are team-mates with a multiple championship winning driver.

Before Sergio Perez, Bottas was the wingman of the grid as he helped Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton to numerous world titles.

But since moving to Alfa Romeo, Bottas has enjoyed being the senior driver and offered an insight as to what it was like to be in the Mercedes team environment.

Valtteri Bottas gives Sergio Perez mindset tip

Before George Russelll moved to Mercedes in 2022, many criticised Bottas for not giving Hamilton enough of a challenge but in the years since that, more appreciation has been given to Bottas for his consistent performance.

Bottas put together a run of 103 Q3 appearances which is in stark contrast to Perez’s quali troubles this year and he described his mindset he had during the Silver Arrows years and how in 2021 he dealt with being asked to move aside.

“I don’t really think about that,” he told Motorsport Magazin. “It was just at that moment when I had to accept it. It was the last year together with Lewis. In each of the five years, I couldn’t finish ahead of him on average.

“I think it was his peak when he had great performances. But today I don’t think it has changed anything. I still go to the races with good confidence and feel like I can beat anyone on a good day.” recommends

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As for the specific role of partnering a world champion, Bottas admitted Perez’s situation is like his was and offered some insight into how best to approach a weekend.

“You have to have this attitude [that you can beat anyone],” the 10-time race winner said. “You can’t go into a race weekend and tell yourself you can’t beat him. You would have already lost.

“In this sense, it is a sport in which you always have to have good self-confidence and convince yourself. If you don’t have that trust, you’ll end up in a difficult downward spiral. You can see that on the stopwatch and the consistency.

“I would say, looking at what Checo is going through, he’s definitely lacking some trust. And you can see that in the results.”

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