Vandoorne: F1 chances are almost 0%


Although Stoffel Vandoorne is hoping to stay in F1 in some capacity, the soon-to-be-ousted McLaren driver says he looking for a race drive elsewhere.

Vandoorne learnt earlier this season that his days at McLaren are numbered.

The Belgian racer will be replaced by rookie driver Lando Norris at the end of this season, bringing an end to two trying years racing for McLaren.

Like others Vandoorne is finding it extremely difficult to secure a new F1 race seat and will be looking outside the series for a “proper” racing opportunity.

Asked by Autosport if he was ‘resigned’ to leaving F1, he said: “Yeah. Unless anything out-of-control happens again, then maybe, but I think chances of anything like that happening is almost 0%.

“So the priority for me is to have a proper racing programme, and obviously in some ways stay involved within Formula 1, to still be connected to this world.

“I still feel I deserve a second chance in a good and right environment.

“The priority is first to find a race drive, which will be the main focus and target. And then we can see whatever [F1] options will open up next to that.”

He has been linked to IndyCars as well as Formula E but refused to say which way he is leaning.

“I’ve been looking to the future and in my head it’s pretty clear what I want to do. I’ve been in touch with a lot of teams and series for the future. IndyCar has been one, but nothing is decided,” said Vandoorne.

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