Vandoorne’s McLaren story may ‘continue’

Stoffel Vandoorne's McLaren story may 'continue'

Stoffel Vandoorne’s McLaren days may not be over even if his time in Formula 1 is with Zak Brown revealing they may run him in IndyCar – if they enter.

McLaren have yet to commit to a full season in IndyCar, however, reports suggest that is only a matter of time.

And it seems that the team may already have their driver line up sorted.

While Fernando Alonso is expected to remain with McLaren next season but in IndyCar, he could have a new old team-mate in Vandoorne.

Although the Belgian racer has been dropped from McLaren’s F1 programme, CEO Brown admits he wouldn’t mind running him in the American series.

“Yes, I think he’s an extremely fast driver, very consistent,” he told RACER.

“I think he’d make a great sports car driver and a great IndyCar driver.

“I think he’d make a good Formula 1 driver, we just had a difficult two years.

“We have a good relationship. Obviously, it’s difficult when you don’t renew someone, but he’s a professional.

“We’re fans of his.

“McLaren would definitely race with Stoffel in other racing series and I think it would be great to see his story continue with McLaren.”

One decision McLaren have yet to make regarding their possible IndyCar programme is the engine.

The team ran a Honda engine when Alonso entered the 2017 Indianapolis 500, however, there are reports that Honda don’t want to partner with McLaren again if Alonso, who was critical of their F1 efforts, is with the team.

Contrary to those reports, though, Brown revealed that Honda are McLaren’s number one choice for engine partner.

He said: “We’re close to a decision, we’re close to a decision. We’d be happy to work with Honda, yes.”

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