Norris favours ‘more serious’ Veloce eSports

Finley Crebolder

McLaren know their strategy for Lando Norris at Silverstone was wrong, but hindsight it a wonderful thing.

Lando Norris has said the Veloce eSports series is the one he enjoys racing in most due to its more serious nature.

With the Formula 1 season postponed and not set to return any time soon, the McLaren man has been using his free time to take Esports by storm.

Not only has he been streaming various content from his Twitch account, including that shaving of the head, but he’s also been taking part in various races such as the Veloce events and the official Virtual Grand Prix series.

When asked which one he enjoys competing in most, Norris opted for the former, which contains more racing drivers and fewer celebrities.

“The F1 one is more celebrities, people like Liam Payne. The Veloce one I would say is a little bit more serious in some ways,” Norris said as per Autosport.

“We have some big YouTubers and content creators, but we have more simulator drivers, people who play on F1 2019, and more professional drivers.”

Formula 1 has been open about its desire to get more drivers from the 2020 grid to race in the Virtual GP series, but with many seemingly uninterested, they give the seats to popular figures instead.

“The F1 one is in a slight way more of a fun and entertainment, more of a relaxed race rather than focusing as much for myself anyway because there are more celebrities rather than professionals taking it seriously like the Veloce one.

“I probably like the Veloce ones at the moment a bit more, because you do have to take them a bit more seriously.

“The F1 ones are also fun because you’re still racing against some real drivers, but it’s not quite as serious.”

The 20-year-old has been hugely impressive in most of the events he’s raced in, and he’s not the only one, with Max Verstappen even winning a title.

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