Verstappen doesn’t blame Raikkonen for crash

Date published: September 1 2019 - Jamie Woodhouse

Max Verstappen doesn't blame Kimi Raikkonen for their crash on the opening lap in Spa.

Max Verstappen doesn’t blame Kimi Raikkonen for their opening-lap collision which caused his retirement from the Belgian GP.

Verstappen took the inside line at La Source as the five lights went out, but Raikkonen would be left with nowhere to go and turned in on the Dutchman, sandwiching him against the wall as Raikkonen briefly went airborne.

Verstappen wasn’t out of the woods yet either as his failing steering caused him to veer off and hit the wall at Raidillon.

Speaking to Sky Sports F1 shortly after the incident, Verstappen said: “It was a poor start and I don’t really know why but we’ll look into it.”

“I broke a little bit later than the cars ahead of me. Kimi didn’t expect me to be there anymore, so we touched.

“It’s not a feeling that I’m used to but that’s racing and these things can happen. It’s not going to be the best for us next week but we’ll try to make the most of it.”

The 21-year-old has now moved though to make it clear that he doesn’t blame Raikkonen for the contact.

“I don’t think you can blame anyone,” he told reporters in Spa.

“I guess he just didn’t see that I was there and as soon as I was there and I saw him turning in you can’t back out of it anymore, because otherwise you would lock up and anyway hit each other.”

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