Max on Hamilton success: ‘It’s getting a bit boring’

Mark Scott
Max Verstappen: Great respect for Lewis Hamilton but...

Max Verstappen: Great respect for Lewis Hamilton but...

Max Verstappen has said it is “getting a bit boring” seeing Lewis Hamilton win, but thinks he and Red Bull are on the “right path” to stop it.

Hamilton secured his sixth World Championship title at the last race in Austin, Texas, his fifth piece of silverware in the last six years.

Verstappen is getting a little bit sick of it and wants to start changing the history books.

“It’s getting a bit boring seeing Lewis win, so we have to try and change that,” Verstappen said at an event where a personal sponsorship with online used car marketplace was announced.

Verstappen went on to say that any more Hamilton success will depend on his team providing him another dominant car as opposed to Hamilton himself.

“He’s getting older, so for sure it will stop at one point,” he added.

“It’s just going to depend on the team, to be honest. It’s not going to depend on Lewis.

“If Mercedes keeps building really dominant cars, for sure he’s going to win. So we just have to make sure as a team that we can beat them.”

Verstappen, though does have a positive outlook on whether he and Red Bull can end the dominant Mercedes era.

“I think we are on the right path. When you see the engine power compared to Mercedes and Renault, we are very close to Mercedes now so that is very promising for next year,” he said.

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