Verstappen seeing no benefit to bonus point

Date published: April 30 2019 - Mark Scott

Max Verstappen is happy with P5 for the Bahrain GP, saying qualifying "could have been much worse".

Max Verstappen is questioning the logic of reintroducing a bonus point system for the fastest lap when it is only creating a bigger gap to midfield teams.

The system was reintroduced just before the 2019 season began and is limited to the top 10 being eligible for a bonus point if they set the fastest lap of the race.

Charles Leclerc came away with the extra point in Baku, making it consecutive races that we have now seen drivers specifically pit to have a crack at it following Pierre Gasly’s attempt in China.

Drivers are able to turn attentions to the fastest lap as the big gaps behind have ensured that a ‘free’ pit stop can be taken.

And Verstappen is not a fan of the system,  saying that it is basically another exclusive competition for the top teams to compete in.

“The problem is that most of the time the top three teams one of their cars will have an issue at one point or it’s just a bit slower and they can always then pit because the gap behind is so big,” Verstappen said via

“It just makes the gap to the teams behind even bigger if you keep adding a point to the top teams.

“I don’t see the benefit of it because as soon as one of the top two is taking the point the guy in sixth is pitting to and that particular team is not getting the point.”

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