Verstappen: Why not two Brazilian races?

Jamie Woodhouse

Brazilian, Mexican, Canadian and United States GPs cancelled.

If the Brazilian GP is to leave Interlagos at the end of 2020 and move to Rio, then Max Verstappen would like two Brazilian GPs.

It’s well documented that the contract to host the Brazilian Grand Prix at Interlagos is up after 2020, and plans have been made public by the country’s president Jair Bolsonaro to move the event to a new circuit to be built in Rio de Janeiro.

Interlagos hasn’t missed an F1 season since 1990, so if there was a new venue coming for the Brazilian GP, Verstappen wants it to be in addition to Interlagos.

“It’s not very long, it doesn’t have a lot of corners, but when you’re driving, it’s really enjoyable,” he told told reporters in Sao Paulo.

“If it’s possible to have two Brazilian Grands Prix, that would be better than losing this one.”

Verstappen produced a memorable wet-weather drive back in 2016 to recover to P3, and another driver who has fond memories of the venue, that being Sebastian Vettel who could tie Michael Schumacher’s record of four wins at Interlagos this weekend, like Verstappen wouldn’t mind seeing a shake-up of the track layout.

“I think it’s a very nice place to go racing,” Vettel explained.

“People are very passionate about racing and very excited, especially around the track.

“It’s great, we get a lot of supporters as being Ferrari so it’s obviously nice to come here. The track is amazing, it’s only a bit short.

“In the past I think they had a longer track here. like way back, so maybe it would be nice to go back to that.

“But it’s a good place, and there’s always – somehow there is always drama here. So there’s always something happening, it’s quite unpredictable.”

But, Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo is open to leaving Interlagos behind for a new challenge in Rio de Janeiro.

“I think going to Rio would be cool enough,” he said. “I’ve never been and [it’s] a chance to see another part of the world and to race in another city.

“I think the important thing is that Brazil keeps a Grand Prix. I think it has such a strong history in the sport.

“For the locals here it might be a bit upsetting but I think globally for Brazil just to still hold a race I think that holds enough power and Rio is a massive city.

“I think everyone knows that, and I’d like to check it out and a new challenge, new circuit, that could be fun so I wouldn’t be against it.”

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