Vettel at a ‘crossroads’ says Webber

Michelle Foster
Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel

Without a World title to his name since 2013, Mark Webber says Sebastian Vettel is “definitely at the crossroads of his career” and must decide whether to continue or not.

Following the Monaco Grand Prix, and another defeat to Mercedes, rumours emerged claiming that Vettel is considering retirement.

The German has since rubbished this.

“I never said anything like it, so I don’t know where they come from,” he said in Montreal on Thursday.

“I think I can stop whenever I want, and the team can probably kick me out whenever they want, but I’m very happy with the team and I hope the team is happy with myself.

“I’m very hungry and I have a mission here to win. That’s really the only thing that matters to me, winning with Ferrari, and that’s what I’m working for.”

But with wins hard to come by, both on Sundays and in the overall championship, his former Red Bull team-mate Webber believes Vettel is facing a massive decision.

The Daily Express reports him as having told Austria’s Servus TV: “Everything is possible in Formula 1.

“It’s confusing, because he often still seems hungry and aggressive.

“Then at other times he’s relaxed when he finishes second or third, and I wouldn’t expect him to be satisfied with that.

“He needs to decide what he wants in the next few years.

“It’s really a fine line to continue to succeed.

“He is definitely at the crossroads of his career, even mentally.

“Only Sebastian can answer that for himself.

“But one thing is certain, and it’s that Ferrari also needs to improve.”

Vettel is under contract with Ferrari until the end of 2020.

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