Vettel critical of ‘unfair’ weighbridge call

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel has criticised the decision to call him in for his car to be weighed during qualifying at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Vettel is under investigation from stewards after FIA technical delegate, Jo Bauer, reported him for failing to turn his engine off and ‘destroying’ the weighing scales.

“During the second qualifying session at 15:27, the driver of car number five [Vettel], when called for weighing, refused to turn off the engine,” a statement read.

“The car was pushed onto the scales and weighed with running engine, which makes it difficult to get a stable result. After weighing the driver drove off the scales under its own power, and by doing so, he destroyed the scales.

“As the driver was not following the instructions and further compromised the continuation of the weighing procedure, I am referring this matter to the stewards for their consideration.”

Vettel was visibly and increasingly frustrated with the decision to weigh his car and gestured for the steward to move out of the way on several occasions.

The German, who has initially qualified in P2 for the Brazilian Grand Prix, said it would be better for him to keep quiet on the incident.

But then said: “They shouldn’t call us when the conditions are like that, I think it’s unfair if somebody gets called in. I wanted them to hurry up.”

Following a 90-minute deliberation by the stewards, Vettel avoided a grid penalty and will still line up for Sunday’s race in Brazil from P2.

He was given a 25,000 Euro fine and reprimanded.

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