Vettel defends Leclerc: I would be equally as upset

Michelle Foster
Sebastian Vettel is set to give sim racing a go.

Sebastian Vettel is set to give sim racing a go.

Denied a third successive win by his team-mate, Sebastian Vettel says he “probably” would have been equally as upset as Charles Leclerc in Singapore.

Leclerc gave voice to his frustrations at the Marina Bay circuit when Ferrari’s strategy, the undercut for Vettel, handed the German the lead of the grand prix.

Leclerc spent the latter part of the race not only questioning Ferrari’s strategy, which dropped him from first to second, but also ask for the power needed to challenge Vettel.

Ferrari said no and Leclerc crossed the line a disappointing P2 behind his team-mate.

The Monégasque driver has subsequently called his outburst “inappropriate”, however, Vettel says he probably would have reacted the exact same had he lost a win based on the team’s startegy.

“I don’t think you should interpret too much into these messages,” the four-time World Champion told the media at the Sochi circuit.

“We are driving when we are opening the radio.

“If you did the same exercise with every footballer or even a golfer you would be surprised, and there’s no point trying to understand the reason behind what people say when they are in the moment.

“It’s pretty normal.

“Obviously he wanted to win, he was upset when he realised he was behind.

“If it was the other way around I probably would have been equally as upset.

“It’s part of the emotion that runs through you when you are racing.

“If they weren’t it would mean that you don’t care, and I don’t think there are many drivers that don’t care.”

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