Vettel: I don’t care about what people say

Sebastian Vettel: I don't care about what people say

Widely criticised by the Italian media for his devasting mistake at the German GP, Sebastian Vettel insists he’s does not car what people have to say.

The German threw away the victory at the Hockenheimring on Sunday when he crashed while leading the grand prix.

He locked up on the slippery track and went off at the Sachs Curve, putting the nose of his SF71H into the barriers.

WATCH: Vettel crashes out of the German GP

While some such as Max Verstappen have defended him, others have had a go at the four-time World Champion.

He, however, is not listening to either faction,” he said.

“I don’t need pity. It was my fault.

“When everything goes well you are cheered, and if you make mistakes you are criticised.

“So I don’t care much about what people say. I have to be at peace with myself.”