Vettel needed Todt to win 2018 title

Date published: January 2 2019 - Editor

Sebastian Vettel was not supported by Ferrari after crashing out of the 2018 German Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel did not receive enough support from Ferrari during the 2018 title battle according to former Ferrari test driver Luciano Burti.

Neck-and-neck with Lewis Hamilton throughout the first half of the season, Vettel’s downfall began when he crashed tamely out of the lead in the changeable conditions of the German Grand Prix, handing Hamilton the win and the initiative in the title race.

From here further bad luck, errors and strategical mishaps allows Hamilton to move out of sight and stroll to his fifth Formula One World Championship.

Burti reflected on the German’s mistake at his home race, and discussed how the season unravelled from there.

Speaking to, he said: “It was a really tiny mistake, which happens, and he was unlucky it happened in the wrong time and the wrong place and had a big consequence.

“From then on, I really think that someone like Jean Todt would give him good feedback.”

The Brazilian driver then questioned Ferrari’s handling of the situation, and suggested they should have helped Vettel to re-focus more than they did.

“I think Vettel felt maybe on his own to fight back from his mistake,” he explained.

“Once you have that pressure, if you say as a racing driver ‘I cannot make a mistake on the next lap or the next corner’, you make a mistake. Once I think about it, that’s it.

“I think that’s what happened to him. Although he’s a great champion, he’s too human and when you have those feelings it doesn’t do you any good.

“He was on his own and someone like Jean would have made the difference to put him back on track, because it’s not normal to see a four-times champion to make so many mistakes, and silly mistakes sometimes.”

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